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Instrument Information and Contact
L-3 Communications ELAC NAUTIK SeaBeam 1050 High Resolution Multibeam Sonar System
Fundação Rebikoff-Niggeler
Fundação Rebikoff-Niggeler
Multibeam sonar
Rocha Vermelha - Apartado 249 Praia do Almoxarife 9900-451 Horta
General Specifications
Additional information
The SEA BEAM 1050 Multibeam is a 50 kHz sonar system which collects detailed bathymetric data in waters up to 3000 meters of depth. The system uses the RDT (Rotating Directional Transmission) method to sequentially transmit and receive, using highly directional beams, which are successively steered across the desired swath width. Technical data: 126 individual beams; 153° swath width; 1.5° resolution; dual frequency option The transducer array is used a s a hull-mounted system.

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