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Instrument Information and Contact
SeaSpy Explorer Marine Magnetometer
Fundação Rebikoff-Niggeler
Fundação Rebikoff-Niggeler
Towed magnetometers
Rocha Vermelha - Apartado 249 Praia do Almoxarife 9900-541 Horta
General Specifications
Additional information
SeaSpy Explorer Marine Magnetometer from Marine Magnetics High sensitivity omnidirectional Overhauser sensor Highest absolute accuracy 0.2nT; repeatability between sensors: 0.01nT Sensitivity: 0.02nT / rt-Hz, counter sensitivity is 0.001nT SeaLINK Data Logging and GPS Software for Windows with real-time graphing of the field trace Side Scan Sonar Integration The electronics and power conditioning are housed in a stainless steel housing rated to 3000m.

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